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Shokugeki no Soma Plot: Soma Yukihira has been working at his father Joichiro's diner since a young age, establishing an interest in cooking and vowing to beat his father some day, for Joichiro has been beating him hollow everytime during their cooking battles. One day while his father is away, Yaeko Minegasaki, an urban life planner, arrives and threatens to demolish the restaurant to build a luxury hotel in its place, spoiling all the meat in the pantry to try and get the diner to close down. Remembering Soma's promise to always satisfy every customer that comes to dine, Yaeko orders him to make her a tasty meat dish to her satisfaction, and if he does she will never disturb him again. In response to the setback, Soma gathers his wits and uses potatoes and bacon bought while shopping to create an imitation roast pork dish, which Yaeko greatly enjoys and fulfills her portion of the deal. Despite the restaurant being saved, Joichiro decides to close it down for three years, opting to travel (and cook) abroad, sending Soma to the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy to take the entrance exam and study cooking there as part of the high school division.

Episode 3
That Chef Never Smiles / That Chef Doesn't Smile
Episode 2
God Tongue
Episode 1
The Vast Wasteland

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